About White Noise

MY STORY (cont.)

. . . I began seeking answers - searching, reading, absorbing . . .
Eastern medicine, alternative therapies, alchemy, astrology, mythology, psychology, ancient art, religion, philosophy, quantum science, neuropsychology, and on.

Stories of hero's journeys and how they overcame seemingly impossible feats emerged and served as parables for my own healing path.  The common thread that wove these stories together was this: if one could convince the human mind of success, it was possible to shift physical reality.  A notion of spiritual persuasion over matter illuminated hope in me. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.

Clarity came bright as day. I realized that I had shut down my connection to spirit and found myself paying the ultimate toll. Chronic stress was flooding my body with adrenalin and cortisol and I was running on auto-pilot "survival mode". If I was a spiritual being living a human experience, how could I leverage my power while playing by the laws of the Universe?

I was reminded that everything is made up of energy and is in constant motion.  It's proven that intention can influence matter - you can change the path of energy by simply being conscious of it. Today, I choose awareness in every waking minute - joy, gratitude, and appreciation - that has made all the difference in the world.


It's amazing how loud your mind can be.  I remember a college professor lecturing about our "monkey minds" and the internal chaos that mental chatter can cause. It wasn't until years later that I could truly comprehend what he meant.

The involuntary "programming" we experience as humans is no joke.  The software that operates our system was often written by someone else and is not efficient for us.  When areas of your life feel glitchy and you're stuck spinning in circles like the beach ball of death...  It's time to take a look inside to see what-in-the-world you've accidentally downloaded along the way!

Scientifically, "white noise" is a combination of all audible frequencies at once, projected at an equal amount. It masks distracting sounds that would normally catch our attention due to variation in frequency.  Some people use white noise as a sleep aid and it's often used for privacy in psychotherapy offices. 

When you consciously equalize all surrounding commotion, it allows you to tune in to the steady whispers of your intuition. Clarity!